We spent months looking for a good adjustable desk: most are expensive, ugly, and come with a cable. Having made stuff in the past, and being rather close with an amazing furniture maker in Poland, we thought we’d give it a go. Biurko means desk in Polish. A fitting name, as we believe that every desk should be adjustable.

They’re hand-made to order from real wood and stainless steel and they go up and down with the turn of a crank. They are incredibly solid and start at £650.

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120 cm width

80 cm depth

73 – 120 cm height range

We know that not all spaces are the same, so all sizes can be customised when you order to suit your needs.


£650 plywood top

£800 solid oak top

£850 solid teak top

Prices do not include VAT and shipping. We offer discounts if you order 10 or more.


A desk people love to work on

A desk people love to look at